E T I E N N E     C A U M A R T I N     F R E N C H     R A N G E S

When you select a Caumartin kitchen range, you select a truly professional product, a real chef's range. If, until now, you prided yourself on being an excellent cook, the Caumartin range will let you express yourself more fully. First of all, you'll discover the amazing possibilities of the hotplate and the simmer plate, the basic secret of great cooking: between 400 and 500 degrees at the hottest point, 200 degrees on the rim. You'll never look back again.

Now with this plate, whose burner is offset to improve the temperature gradient, you have at your disposal all temperature ranges for sealing, slow cooking, protracted simmering, or for keeping several dishes hot at the same time. The dish server space will let you place plates on the hotplate rim and the guardrail, keeping the dish at the ideal temperature until ready to serve. The spacious oven (20-7/8 x 20-7/8 x 11in.) and its outstanding heating characteristics will let you cook large pieces of meat, while you can open the oven door as often as you need to just peek or baste with no temperature drops, while the reverse air system will keep your gratinées from burning.

We're sure you'll like such complementary functions as the plancha griddle, the smooth or ribbed grill plate or the lava rock grill that will let you cut down on grease and fat.

And lastly, the bain-marie, steamer, frying, braising/broiling and cooking pan combination will let you hone your cooking skills to a very, very fine edge - both as regards nouvelle cuisine and traditional dishes.



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